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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

I started working part time when 13 - going full time at 16. Married at 19 and started my family at 21. I really have been blessed to have a loving family and be have had jobs that provided everything we needed.
Then my world stopped. My younger brother Suddenly passed away, followed by my Dad & Mum, Although just in their 70s Both had been ill for sometime. My only Sister was unwell and my daughters were grown up and leaving home.
I needed a change
I applied for redundancy
Although I loved the people I worked with and the Job was a good one (not easy lol) - I could not picture myself working the corporate way of life until 65+ and then possibly having 5 years or so to do all the things I was now working for.
I had no hobbies, no real outside activities, I had been looking after my family, Mum and Dad and working full time.

My middle daughter living abroad started Scentsy - so in Sept 2017 i joined under her. I was still working full time , but starting Scentsy meant I got all my Stuff free or Cheap and a few minutes a day is all I needed .
I got redundancy on March 2018.

After 6 months of travelling, family time, recharging I had planned to return to full time work. But Scentsy was selling quite well - I had made customers via referrals and some new friends in other consultants, the teamwork is great, the products are amazing and I love them and use them all myself.

So fast forward and I’m still doing what I love and my wee business is still growing

Scents By Mandy goal is to give high quality, safe & affordable scent into homes. In a stylish and/or quirky way.
Also to give anyone the opportunity to start their own business to change their lives for the better And have fun doing it!! #betheboss #fun